Wednesday, 19 November 2008

Sound for first Animatic

First idea for string arrangement leaving room for it to build more over the next 2 minute's.
Apart from live violin arrangement just added a small bit of Cello, a bell, water FX, reverb and echo.

Influences: Arnold Schoenberg- Verklaerte Nacht, Bach, Handel.

Monday, 17 November 2008

Recording Session 1

Completed the first recording session on Thurs that went really well. Now going to start editing strings over the next couple of days and construct a rough arrangement based on the first animatic.

During this session I started to get more of an idea of how the piece can work. Being a story of creation I think it should be very organic, I'd like to keep the live playing of instruments throughout using the computer purely for arrangement. I'd also like to start experimenting with percussive instruments to use as sound fx.

First Meeting

First meeting. Looked at a rough storyboard and discussed some ideas. We both agreed that the music is going to be extremely important. The type of music is still open for discussion but it obviously needs to be written specifically for the piece with tempo changes and mood changes to reflect the characters actions/moods.

My first opinion is that classical instruments will work best rather than anything electronic. With this in mind I’m not going to attempt the music with sampled instruments although it’s possible I think attempting it would eat up to much of my time. I’ve arranged to record 3 different musicians response to the piece as soon as I get the animatics. This is just a starting point so I can just get a feel of how different instruments will work (violin, piano, guitar).

I want to get the music finished on this project before I begin the sound design which seems strange but because the piece lends itself to music so much I want to design the sound effects around the music so as not to cloud the mix. The sound may well become part of the music itself.